Research in the McHale lab focuses on the characterization and manipulation of natural variation in crop plants, primarily soybean and chile peppers. Our goals are to identify the genes conferring disease resistance, yield, and quality traits and, in soybean, examine how best to integrate these alleles for the development of improved varieties. To accomplish these goals, we use new technologies and a cross-disciplinary approach, which includes genetics and genomics, evolutionary studies, bioinformatics, and plant pathology. 


  1. Tu Huynh receives the Gerald O. Mott Award

    Jun 24, 2020

    The Gerald O. Mott Meritorious Graduate Student Award in Crop Science recognizes top-notch graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in crop science disciplines. The award is offered by the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA). Departments select students based on academic achievements, research and teaching contributions, leadership accomplishments, service activities and personal qualifications. The award honors the first CSSA President, Gerald O. Mott, who trained 75 graduate students during his 45 year career at Purdue University and the University of Florida.

  2. Ohio Soybean Council Awards Scholarships

    Feb 27, 2020

    Congratulations to Christian Vargas and Tu Huynh for receiving scholarships from the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation! These funds will provide supplemental support to cover tuition or other education-related expenses for Tu and Christian in their graduate programs. 

  3. Congratulations Dr. Rolling!

    Nov 27, 2019

    Graduate Student Bill Rolling passed his Ph.D. defense last week. Congratulations, Dr. Rolling!