Current Openings

You, too, could be a member of the McHale lab!

The McHale lab is looking for a new lab manager:

As a research assistant 2, the lab manager would provide support to both the McHale (soybean breeding and genetics) and Mercer (evolutionary ecology of agricultural plants laboratory) laboratories. Primary duties would include conducting laboratory, greenhouse, and field studies related to both laboratories; collecting phenotypic and genetic (molecular marker) data; summarizing and analyzing data; procuring and maintaining laboratory equipment and supplies; ensuring safety codes and standard operating procedures are up to date and followed; assisting with preparation of manuscripts and publications; and providing mentoring and training to undergraduate student employees and other laboratory personnel.  Apply to job 451229 through OSU career opportunities.

Graduate Students: 

As a member of the McHale lab, graduate students can expect to receive training in plant breeding, quantitative genetics, and plant-pathogen interactions. Prospective graduate students can apply through the department of Horticulture and Crop Science or the Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program.  Prospective students are encouraged to obtain support from internal or external fellowships. For full eligibility of internal fellowships, please apply by November 30th.