Dr. Mao Huang

Dr. Mao Huang
Postdoctoral Researcher
1600 Madison Ave., Williams Hall, Wooster, OH 44691


PhD in Horticulture and Crop Science, the Ohio State University 
MSc. in Horticulture and Crop Science and Minor in Statistical Data analysis, the Ohio State University                
BSc. in Agronomy, China Agriculture University
Soybean Breeding Research
Currently, Dr. Huang works as a post-doc in both the Soybean Breeding and Genetics laboratoru, as well as Dr. Clay Sneller's Wheat breeding program.  Her work in soybean focuses on a retrospective analysis on the efficacy of genomic selection in predicting successful soybean parental combinations.
Selected Publications
Gaire R, Huang M, Sneller C, Griffey C, Brown-Guedira G, Mohammadi M (2019) Association analysis of baking and milling quality traits in an elite soft red winter wheat population. Crop Science. 59:1085-1094
Huang M, Balimponya EG, Mgonja EM, McHale LK, Luzi-Kihupi A, Wang GL, Sneller CH (2019) Use of genomic selection in breeding rice (Oryza sativa L.) for resistance to rice blast (Magnaporthe oryzae). Molecular Breeding 39: 114.
Huang M, Cabrera A, Hoffstetter A, Griffey C, van Sanford D, Mckendry A, Chao S, Sneller C (2016) Genomic selection for wheat traits and trait stability. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 129(9):1697-1710.
Hoffstetter A, Cabrera A, Huang M, Sneller C (2016) Optimizing training population data and validation of genomic selection for economic traits in soft winter wheat. G3: Genes| Genome| Genetics. 6(9):2919-2918.
Huang M, Kaletunc G, St Martin S, Feller M, and McHale LK (2014) Correlations of seed traits with tofu texture in 48 soybean cultivars and breeding lines. Plant Breeding. 133(1):67-73.