Marcia Feller

Marcia Feller
Research Assistant
Waterman Farm HQ, Soybean Lab, 2490 Carmack Road, Columbus, OH 43210


Marcia Feller (aka Bean Queen)

MS, Agriculture, The Ohio State University
BS, Natural Resources, The Ohio State University

Professional Interests & Responsibilities
Organizer of the bean lab,
Smoking fast packet pourer,
Pollinator of beans,
Number cruncher,
Field worker supreme.


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McHale LK, Feller MK, McIntyre SA, Berry SA, St. Martin SK, Dorrance AE (2012) Registration of 'Summit', a high-yielding soybean with race-specific resistance to Phytophthora sojae. Journal of Plant Registrations. doi: 10.3198/jpr2012.01.0012crc.

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St. Martin SK, Feller MK, Fioritto MJ, McIntyre SA, Dorrance AE, Berry SA, Sneller CH (2006) Registration of 'HS0-3243' Soybean. Crop Science. 46: 1811-1811.


McHale L, St. Martin S, Dorrance A, Feller M, McIntyre S, Spring A (2014) Soybean cultivar 'Clermont'. Application 201400076 filed on 01/2014.

St. Martin SK, Dorrance A, Fioritto RJ, Berry SA, Mcintyre S, Feller M (2007) Soybean cultivar HFPR-5. Application 11952525 filed on 12/07/2007.